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Complete Automated Management System
School or College


‘Dakshya School’ is the automation system for school or college. It is online based system, taking part to the ‘Cloud Computing’ which is demand of modern business activities. Modern academic institutions and other bussiness organisations are implementing cloud computing application to increase their work efficiency and maintain quality of work.

‘Dakshya School’ is primarily focused on upgrading academic practice by optimum utilisation of cloud computing technology. Currently, it is able to automise administration of academic institution and continuing to pursue on preparing interactive course material and practice tests for students.

Access Device

System can be accessed by smart phones, tabs and computer.

System Overview

System is accessible by three user groups: administrator, teacher and Student/Parent.


Great features of system are easy to use, flexible, AI based and avoid repeating tasks. System can generate financial report for both fiscal and academic year and can be synchronised according to requirement.

User groups

There are three user groups: Administrator, Teacher and Student/Parent

POS Printer

Fee receipts and other receipts are printed on POS thermal receipt printer.

Mark Submission

Exam mark has not to be entered by administrator. It is done by subject teacher.

Result Management

Student result can be published instantly as soon as completion of mark submission. Grade sheet is on the basis of Theory, Practical, CASS mark and previous exam evaluation.

Account System

Realtime transaction and account status. Bank-Cash balance, day transaction report, monthly report, student report with different fee titles, asset-liability and income-cost analysis report, accounts statements, journal voucher, trial balance, balance sheet, profit-loss account.

Online Class & Assignment note

Teachers can view, create and update daily assignments note as well as run online class for their subjects. Student can view assignments and subject performance, can join online class whenever teacher has started.

Administration Report

Monthly fee invoice, salary and account pay slip, fee receipt, admit card, character certificate, exam-mark entry slip

Future Updates

Our team is working on computerised interactive course contents for major subjects including practice tests and lesson description in understandable form.

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